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Thanks for your attention in our contributor program! Sunwarrior is a vegan protein company dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyle and good eating habits. Our mission is to inspire every people to ameliorate his life. To assist others, join our team us in achieving this dream, we’ve created our own contributor Program.

The contributor program is simple, an exchange of your inspiring articles, delicious and originals recipes or one of your best videos, or recipes for your choice of Sunwarrior product. We will post your contribution on our web site out networks with your name and a link to your site. You can send your contributions to our editor at

Sunwarrior actualities are not committed to one single topic but have a interests in a healthy lifestyle like fitness, well-being or healthy eating.

To help you to understand the kind of articles we are looking for, read our list of categories :

* recipes have to include minimum 3 photo

To clearly describe what sort of articles we might be looking for, find below our list of categories :



The recipes have to includes 3 originals pictures from your food being prepared to your final recipe.

Our readers love to see how your made your recipes, to get ideas of the preparation for their own lives, whether it be for a simple recipe or preparation tips. However, as long as your article or video talk about healthy eating, fitness, and vegan nutrition, we would be interested in your submission.

We are always looking for new recipes, originals articles or videos that haven’t be published other website or magazines.



You are two choices for your article length:

Articles from 500 to 800 words or from 801 to 1000 words.

According to the length and the subject of the article You receive a pack of Sunwarrior products.


If our editor, in considering the article, finds too much of unnecessary "filler" words, you can be invited to add more information or paragraph to the article.

After reception, all Article will go through our editing process. This process can include grammar issues like spelling and punctuation, breaking up paragraphs, rewriting to simplify or deleting some information that can be unnecessary or doesn’t reflect our values. We are committed to maintaining your voice, so if major change seems necessary, our editor can ask you to write again your article.

If you have any question about our contributor program feel free to contact us, we’ll be more than happy to help you in your writing and edit your work. Please, contact our editor by filling the form below.



Videos follow the same principles as the articles, as long as your article or video talk about healthy lifestyle, workout exercises and vegan nutrition, you will always good in terms of content. If you would like to make us a video, we advise to let us know before you start your project. We are getting some attention to the quality video like the sound and the image quality for videos we accept. For example, the videos have to be done with an HD camera and high quality sound. If you already have some experiences about video editing, you can send us your edited video.

Be sure to make it fun by pudding music to your video and all your good vibrations!

Regarding the duration of the time video, our preference is for 2/3 minutes’ videos, but we know that some subject, and recipes need extra time, so we accept video up to 9 minutes.


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